Thursday, August 19, 2010

Modest Clothing Defined

The saga of changing tradition has been best silhouetted by the modest clothing, which has certainly taken the fashion world by storm whilst making Islamic fashion to stand apart in pride. Beautiful, exquisitely feminine and stylish, the Islamic women clothing has perhaps been gestated as the dream child of that enigmatic weaver who perhaps hugged the distant dreams of cajoling femininity with the unintelligible robe of modesty.

Honestly, although Islamic clothing requires women to cover up yet the idea never makes the Muslim clothing either outmoded or messy. Gone are the days of those plus size Islamic clothes for women in mono colors, now the true aura of Islamic Fashion lies in revealing the modesty of Islamic clothes while merging it with the contemporary fashion statement. Imagine yourself donned in that feminine aqua tunic dress, ideally complemented with the charcoal black pants! Wait, how about doing your hair in an updo and wrapping it with that V shaped hijab which is flowy enough to add that magical charm.  Do you think still something is missing? Right you are, those leather black high heels are missing, slip on to them and you will look stunning!

In fact Islamic women clothing has now been a bit adjusted to cater to the contemporaneity without compromising on the basic part of modesty. And if you are seriously thinking about updating your wardrobe to make a n Islamic wardrobe then this season bank on the tunic dresses, the simplest form of modest clothing to throw on for the sultry summer days.  Yes, you have read it right; tunic dresses can flatter almost any figure and can also form various outfits, can be glammed up with the right accessories.  And the good news is once you find the ‘tunic dress’ of your choice, you can actually wear it in almost every possible way.

Beat the heat of the sultry summer with the floral trapeze tunic and the ruffled floral shirt tunic. Still confused how to create your own style statement with the tunic dress?  Here are some innovative ideas for you!
Do you like wearing oversized tunics? If yes then pair it up with the cropped leggings because this is the designer’s hot favourite and the trend has carried Islamic fashion to another level. To look cool, you can also accessorize it with a pair of flat sandals and a wobbly hobo bag.

For a more formal look, go with the embroidered satin tunic features florets, seed beads and diamantes all along the neckline. Made from quality silk the tunic offers a rich, shimmery appeal at an affordable price.
Individualizing style, yes that’s the favourite keyword of fashion conscious individual. So if you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing leggings you can replace it with the slim fit jeans. In fact nicely embroidered Modest Clothing paired with the jeans, looks stunning on you.

It hardly  matters if you are a Muslim women or not but what matters is the elegance and the style of Modest Clothing which lures almost all the icon conscious belle in updating their  wardrobe with the beat of the Islamic fashion trend.

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